The Constant Struggle with Social Media Apps

During my deep thought moment, I came to realised that being active on social media means you need to have internet connection. Not just having one, but to have the following:

  1. Availability 
  2. Constant
  3. Unlimited Data
  4. Stable
  5. Fast
Now that I can only rely mostly on my 3GB data for this month for when I’m outside or inside my room. That’s actually not that much when there’s so many things going on around on my social media platforms.

There’s free WiFi at the lobby in my building, takkan I just sit there the whole day. I’ll only spend 1 battery cycle of my laptop and that’s it for the day.

So back to the story. I’ve been relying on the mobile data for almost 3 weeks now, I’m left with less than 1GB of data to last me till month end. I’ve still got another week and a half to go. This situation is bringing me to a whole new level of #cheapskate.

Not sure about you, but those criteria that I mention is really important for me to know what’s going on outside my hermit shell.

1. Availability

I’m not talking about having WiFi facilities in the places that I am. I’m talking about being able to connect to the internet.

I can have a list of WiFi networks for me to connect, but most of the times there are none available for me to get the internet connection. That’s what I’m facing right now in my room. I see a list of WiFi networks that I can connect too, but no password to them.

2. Constant

Constant here refers to having internet connection at my fingertips / on demand / whenever I want or need.

When there’s always a limit, restrictions are bound to happen. 
  • No more Spotify for me while on the road as I like to browse the different playlist that they have. Might consider to pay the monthly subscription. That would be for later.
  • Cannot be constantly checking/posting on Snapchat, Instagram, Dayre, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • No YouTubing definitely.
I do miss the times when I can switch to WiFi mode once I get home and to work. I still can have excess data of 1GB at the end of the month. I can YouTube all day at home till I don’t have any unwatched video from my subscribed channels. 

Now I just pick and choose the videos that I want to watch only. I can see there’s some good in there. Don’t have to waste my time unproductively.

3. Unlimited Data

Again, when there’s always a limit, restrictions are bound to happen.

I would agree that the more I’m given, the more greedy I would get. I’m aware of that and I don’t need to justify myself for this.

The pros: Stream/download movies/dramas/series to watch. YouTube/Spotify the whole day. Basically being online till my heart’s content.

The cons: Constantly in my hermit shell and be kinda anti-social
But hey, I NEED the unlimited data feature. 

4. Stable

Whatever it is, having a stable line can only be considered to have an internet connection. 

If the line is unstable, then what’s the point of having internet when I’m always on and off it. Totally defeats its purpose. Need I to say more?

5. Fast

Speed is much needed in internet connection. I like, actually more like I love the feeling of getting to where I want in the website with the speed of just the click of the button and bam, the page is all loaded.

Every time when I see the loading sign, my patience is being tested. That’s probably why I can’t sit still and need to multitask.

Of course after all said and done, this is only 1 little partition in my deep thoughts zone. If there’s anything debatable, I’m not bothered to answer. Disclaimer first. Because I would have probably already have the debate in my head.

I’m just having internet withdrawal syndrome.

‘Nuff said. Tata~

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