They are here to stay apparently

Oh what life has upon to me,
That makes night like day, and day like night,
Thus bestow upon to me,
A twisted reality within sight.
Whenever I have my me-time (mostly when I’m alone in anytime of the day), my mind starts to wonder and go on a joy ride but after that leaves me hanging. Hence, it leads me to these situations.

1. Insomnia for no reason. 
Trying not to sleep so earlier so that I don’t have to wake up so early and then don’t know what to do. Then again, it’s making my skin looking bad these days until if I don’t have any makeup on, I’ll look like a zombie in the making. I think it has almost been a month that I’m sleeping way pass my bed time. Really sleeping early (in the morning) and waking up early. Some days I only have 5 hours of sleep and my body decides that it’s well charged.
2. Making nothing into a life’s question
When the mind starts to wonder, it is full on wonders. I’m amaze at how being stuck in the jam can be so productive for my brain in thinking of random questions that make puts me in a puddle. Causing unnecessary stress only. Often I would forget what’s the question until another random thought comes along.
3. Questioning my life’s goal
This is often the top in the list and has the highest frequency. Even when I’m bathing. the question will pop out. I’m always thinking what am I doing with my life. An unproductive day is another day wasted. 
Probably that’s why I need to keep my mind moving to block out all these. When there’s a quiet moment, the fun fair has just begun its opening hours.
‘Nuff said.

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