It’s not my hard work, but Your blessing

I’ve been reminded that it is not by the works of my hands that I am where I am, but it is by the grace of God.
As I was there sitting at the church pew trying to pay attention to the underlying message, it was right there, in front of me. Why search for the underlying message when it is apparent? Sometimes having it straight to my face is not enough to grab my attention.
How often do we praise God for things that did not turn out the way we want it to be? Would I be able to do so when the time comes?
There I was with my inner struggle. Living in my own denial world, not wanting to hear the answer that I didn’t want. I’m still holing on to every inch of hope that I can get, shutting off any unwanted words. Yet, deep down, I know it is not my call how things will work out for me. To surrender or not to surrender, that was and is the will be the question in life’s decision making.
Truly surrendering to God is not as easy as it seems. When it comes for you, it’s gonna be life changing. There are things that I’ve come to terms to just surrender it all to God. Probably because it is not in my priority list that I can just be hands off about it. On the other hand, there are still some in which the uncertainty takes faith to a different level. This is where the real test begins. When it comes to the things that you hold on dearly, it’s the very thing that will be your test. How much am I willing to give it all up and just follow?

The struggle is real. The model answer is very easy and straightforward. The application however is a learning curve. Time cannot be used to measure how long the struggle will last or how deep it will go. Living it 1 day at a time and slowly let God handle it, will then it be easier to go through it. Will there be complaints and discontentment during these times? Sure, it is inevitable. I’ll be asking why this and why that along the way for quite awhile. But then again, often I do forget to ask why when things are going my way.

Taking that step of faith and putting my trust in God.

‘Nuff said.

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