I’m here just for the drama

I’m definitely guilty of this – whipping out on the phone on these occasions:
1. Waiting for the food to be served when eating out.
2. Waiting for or in the train/bus.
3. Waiting for people when I’m outside.
4. Taking the lift.
5. Awkward silent moments.
It’s does help to get people not talking to me. I hate it when some random people just start to talk to me. Been there and done that. Don’t want to relive those moments. It’s enough to taunt and haunt me for a very long time.
I’ve been quite bored lately. Even with the social media platforms that I follow, like, or subscribe, I’m looking for new content. I keep on refreshing my social media platforms. Facebook, Instagram, Dayre, YouTube, and blogs. But nothing seems to interest me at the moment.
Until yesterday where I found an interesting user on Dayre. Man, the content is so dramatic. 

Most of the time I’m on social media is for all these dramas. Any kind of drama is good enough to get people wanting to know more. I read stories from way back from this single user. There’s really a lot of drama going on. But that’s the person’s story to tell and I’m just there to read as an audience.
However you can’t avoid people from discussing these on their own. After all, the story in the internet is for all to see.
  • Are you going to be comfortable people talking/discussing about the content that you’ve shared?
  • Are you comfortable giving up that privacy of yours to the public?
  • Are you prepared for the comments that might come your way?
  • Are you ready for the consequences from the content that you share?

People often say that their social media platforms belongs to them, so they can say whatever they want. 
True, you can say whatever you want. However, are you going to be responsible for the whatevers inside?
If you have every rights to say whatever on your platform, then others have the rights as well to say whatever they want on their platform. Freedom doesn’t come by so easily.
When people read the news/articles that you share on the internet, it does reflect a lot of what kind of person you are.
People who do not know you personally will only see the life you lived on social media. I for one, does use it to portray a live that I want to live in. And I’m fine with that.
Before you hit that ‘post’ button, what does your social media say about you?
‘Nuff said.

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