Backside itchy

I want to travel again!!! So my backside is itchy for another round of travelling. Last year, I had 4 trip getting away from the country.

Jan – Bali, Indonesia
Apr – Hanoi, Vietnam
Jun – Melbourne, Australia
Sep – Almost the whole of Japan
This year I had my fair share of travelling just in the month of January.

Singapore. And then…

Guangzhou, China
For 2 consecutive weeks I was going in and out of the country with only 1 weekend where I’m home doing nothing.
I really miss the feeling of being at the airport. I love the feeling of being at the airport going to places. After that 2 weeks of travelling, the travel bug came out from hibernation. Even the cold weather in China could not contain it.
My next destination on my wish list is either Taiwan or Korea. Slowly expanding my travel destinations to Asia region. Started my footprint with ASEAN countries, then slowly seep into Asia countries then slowly expand America and Europe. My ultimate destination – Europe!
It’s still far fetch from this dream of mine. I just want to travel. Japan again, maybe? The relapse is too fast this time around. Probably is because I don’t have a trip to look forward to this year. 
‘Nuff said.

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