My face can be saved!

For the past month, there are some days that I need to put on some make up before I leave the house. Putting on make up takes effort and effort takes time. So being the lazy me, I need things to be fast and simple. But when the days that I look terrible, make up is there to save my day.
However, the root problem is still there and will forever be there unless I do something. My face has hardly gotten any better. There are times where it’s fine, and then some days it’s becomes an active volcano.
One of the things I’ve identified is that when I do put on make up, my face tends to look a bit better when I don’t. I mean after cleaning my face and all, not with make up on. The main factor – SKINCARE!!!
It’s true when the saying goes ‘There is no ugly girls in the world, only lazy girls’.
I do clean my face properly by going through all the steps when I put on make up. Because I don’t want my pores to get clogged and sleep with make up on, though I’ve tried before.
But the days when I don’t put on make up, I just splash my face with water and I’m done. As a result, I’m paying the consequences now.
Then I got the opportunity to test out Avène’s  skin care range for my acne prone skin. Here comes my saving grace. I’ve been wanting to try out their products but when you have only 1 face and trying not to be a hoarder, it’s finally have its turn.
I’ve been trying to find ways to treat my acne prone skin. Yup, my face was ‘damaged’ 7 years ago by so called professionals. Now I be my own consultant for my skin.
But what I want to highlight is the Avène Cleanance EXPERT. It’s for acne prone skin. Just right for me. My skin can start thanking me now.
It can help in eliminate mild to moderate blemishes – spots and blackheads. Also it can reduce redness, which is much needed as I need to use at least a BB cream to cover the redness.
Plus it makes a good make-up base because after applying the emulsion, it has a mattifying finish. I love the velvety finish too. No stickiness.
With this, it helps to regulate the hyper production of sebum during the day.

Don’t really need a lot of product. Just slightly more than a pea size is enough to cover my T-zone and cheeks.
The thickness of the cream is also at a nice consistency. Does not feel heavy at all.
Tested out this product for about a month now. Though I wasn’t very consistent in applying the product, but I do see and feel some differences.

My face looks slightly better. Less redness and my skin is slightly smoother too. As of now, I still like it. Plus, I use it as a makeup base before applying my foundation.
That’s all for now. ’Nuff said.
*Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review purposes. However, opinion is entirely of my own.

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