Cross-town traveling month of August

For the past 2 months, it was like a traveling season for me. Most of the time I have somewhere to go on the weekend because that is the only time I can get to go out and not think or do any work work. For the month of August, I’ve always been out to at least 1 other town for sure.

Let’s take a flash back to my weekends 2 months ago.

1st WEEKEND – Went all the way to Semenyih to meet up with my childhood friends. 2 of them came down. So spent my weekend with them.

Semenyih’s jam is no joke. My car’s air-con broke, so it was just blowing hot air back at me. Was sauna-ing in the car for almost an hour.

2nd WEEKEND – I’ve traveled 200km.

When times I get bored, I’ll do random and sometimes things unthought of. 
The Saturday. It started of with the intention of meeting up in Subang area. But I ended up in Cheras instead. Here’s a map to show you what does it feel like to travel the distance. But it wasn’t just from point A to point B. I made a detour to pick up another companion for this cross town adventure.
The time that I took this screenshot is not on the day itself, hence, this is only the minimum time and distance that I traveled.
Actual time: Close to  2 hours

You gotta take into account the Saturday afternoon jam. It seems like a street party is going on except for Cyberjaya. To make matters a little more agitated for me is that I’m in a portable moving sauna. With addition to the heat from the scorching afternoon sun, I could have lost some water weight. The aircon in my car is probably out of gas. The air outside of the car is so much cooler.

The Sunday. My first Raya Open house since I’ve moved to KL/Selangor. It wasn’t a joke when my colleague/friend said he lives behind the National Zoo. It felt like I’m on my way out of KL to go back home.

After all these driving across many towns, I really do need a faster car. And I mean a faster car, not Myvi 1.3 kind of car. But that dream is still far away. Back to the drawing board how saving up my money!
‘Nuff said. 

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