This is how I spent RM1k in a day

My comeback post and I’m talking about money. Impulse + boredom is something that is very very bad. I think since the beginning of the month, some wire in my body might have gone rusty.
In 1 Saturday before the sun sets, there goes my money.
First stop, Benefit in Sephora.
I went there to try out their new line of eye liners and mascara. Sephora is my drug store / therapy room. After the mini workshop, I got myself 5 items just because of free gifts and extra brownie points. The plus point is that the beauty adviser that did the workshop on me was really nice. A good customer service person deserves good treatment from me. Looked through each row to see what I NEED.
From left to right: they’re real! push-up eyeliner in purple; the POREfressional blot on the spot Hoola bronzer; they’re real! remover; they’re real! lengthening mascara in brown

Damage done: RM500+

Probably will have another post for the product review. I managed to get my face all doll up as well with Benefit products, except my foundation.
Since I’m already out of the house, I thought might as well service my car since it’s been almost a year since I change the engine oil. Also, one of my tire has been giving me problem. I have to pump my tire everyday. Even if it’s once a month, it is already a bit too much.
It wasn’t just a simply engine oil change, but almost a full car maintenance service. What they did on my car was
– Change engine oil
– Change engine filter
– Change 2 new car tires
– Car alignment
Damage done: RM450
And so happened, it was the time of the month. I get very frustrated during the early period because I can’t find a good sanitary pad that does not leak anyhow. Even when everything is set already, somehow the blood managed to peek out. 
I needed to stock up on my supply as well. I went to Guardian and straight to the sanitary pad section. In the end, I have 1 year worth of supply.
The constant: All for overnight use with similar length
The variable; Brands and their formula
In the process of coming out a review on these.
Damage done: RM78

That’s how RM1,000 departed from me.
How would you spend RM1,000 in a day?


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