Revamp? Just straightening out

New year. Fresh new start
2014 is over. We are survivors of the end of the world of 2 years, stepping into the 3rd. Stepping into a new calendar year, many even myself will think of having a fresh start in life. The new year is such a symbolic moment to leave the bad behind and embrace the new goal for this year.
This year for me is Enwei goes travelling. With that being said, I’ve already made my first trip to Bali on the first month. Now I have 2 more flight bookings made but it’s only for the 1st half of the year. 2nd half still has no plans. Just gonna see what can I do then.
I was flipping through my passport and realised that I didn’t go out of the country last year. So one of my forever new year resolution is to have a stamp on my passport at least once a year. I’ve got so many pages left untarnished.
Also, I’ve finally changed my blog URL!! Almost all my social media platform now holds the same username. This should have been done last year during my blog anniversary. Speaking of which, I have this blog for 9 years. Wow, that’s really long but nobody knows. That’s okay. I’ve just come to realised and decided that what I do should be for me and not trying to please others. That, I’ll leave it for another topic that I have no idea when it will come by.
So follow me up on my social media platform! The name is very easy – enweiping.
Read my Dayre if you want more updates from me at, the only platform that I can use my name on its own.

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  1. Well done, you on the new post. FINALLY! It's not Christmas anymore, guuuurl. Lololol. And yes, I wholeheartedly agree— everything should be to please yourself foremost. Nine years! More power to you, darling.

    If only I hadn't kept deleting and moving and restarting and changing urls! Argh.


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