Christmas Dinner came early

Lately I’ve not been sticking to my 2-eggs-only-for-dinner diet because I’ve such wonderful colleagues who wants to go out for dinner. How can you say no to food when you have good company.
So my the frequency of my food intake has increased lately. Last time, I just eat breakfast, lunch and some snacks for afternoon tea. At night most probably I’ll be skipping dinner. But as of late, I have breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and now dinner. How not to gain those few extra pounds. NOOOOO!!
Do not tell me that I can afford to gain those pounds. No, I tell you. No!
Anyway, on the last Wednesday in November when Becca and I were scavenging for food, Denise the Bunny told us that she has special invites to Délifrance Christmas Dinner Specials at Avenue K. It was by invitation only. Becca couldn’t go as she has a lot of work to finish up. I had the pleasure of having half of the Happyee duo to go with, Pui Yee.
Though we were that tad bit late, but nonetheless, the food was like on free flow mode, not to mention, on pointe.

They even had a table with deco and the Christmas menu food layout properly for the camera to eat.

Not disappointed at all with their food.
The one dish that I would like to highlight is their Provencal Lamb Stew.

I’m a fussy eater. And when it comes to lamb, I’m even fussier because of the taste and smell. The meat was tender and the sauce compliments the it well without leaving any gaminess. With the black pepper definitely helps in marinating the sauce and meat together.
The Grilled salmon with dille sauce was a classic. The salmon’s texture was just nice. Not too raw for a grilled dish, and yet not overcook till the meat is dry.

It whole event was not all about eating Christmas dinner dishes.
There’s a segment of decorating gingerbread man!
There was a demonstration by their in-house pastry chef on the behooving way of decorating the gingerbread man. The first thought that came into my mind was Gingy in Sherk.
It was a fun time. Our theme was minimalist.
We scanned across the floor, the others decorated their gingerbread man so nicely. Ours looks like child’s play.
#Fun fact: They are called Santa’s helper if you asked for it in Délifrance.
I always thought that Délifrance is only a bakery shop. Didn’t know that they too actually offer meals there.
I went home with a happy stomach. Because a hungry Enwei is an angry Enwei, but satiate Enwei is a happy Enwei.
‘Nuff said~ Tata!

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