Roadtrip with a 30 car convoy

Have been talking about going for a road trip for like the longest time ever. But with the current car that I’m having, there’s no way I’m driving that humble car anywhere out of the city anymore.
I don’t mind driving, just that I’m comfortable to drive in a much safer car. Don’t want to risk any lives while having fun. Worst case ever!
In early of November, an opportunity came for me to go on a road trip in a 30 car convoy. I didn’t know we have that many car participating until the event day. Imagine having 30 cars all driving in 1 lane. It’s like that Ferrari convoy video was on the internet. The car ranges from Perodua Kancil (entry level) all the way to Nissan GTR, Celica, (high performance car).
The main purpose of this convoy was to test out 1 thing – petrol efficiency, PETRONAS PRIMAX95 with Advance Energy Formula to be more specific.
To where? Driving all the way to IPOH! ALONE! Solo drive, I’m sort of used to it. The  only thing was to how to entertain myself for 2 hours on the road in 1 stretch.
Anyway the event started at Ben’s Publika, Kuala Lumpur with breakfast. Next we had briefing to how the convoy would work and the usual run down of things so that everyone is prep.

We are moving not all 30 cars in 1 straight line, but it is split into 3 groups evenly. Smaller group means better management.
We were provided with a preloaded Touch ‘n’ Go, a preloaded PETRONAS Petrol card, and a walkie! I‘ve never encounter an event where at least 30 walkies used at the same time. Well, the walkie is for us to hear instructions from the lead car. It’s not for fun communication. But sometimes driving alone, the walkie helps to be a little companion.
After briefing, it was flag out time! That’s where the fun begins.
Out route to Ipoh consist of highway and byway. We went out of the highway and drive through the byway. Passing scenic view and villages. This was when the convoy really looks cool. Too bad I can’t take those video shots all by myself while driving. But it was really cool.
Out of the scenic route, we joined the highway again to drive to our lunch spot at The Indulgence Restaurant and Living in Ipoh.

Had some time to chill and have lunch before driving back to KL And to debrief.
When it comes to food, all I can say was it was really thumbs up. Coming to yummy food after a long drive was rewarding.

The drive back was much faster since we were on the highway the whole time.
There are a few things that were challenging for the road trip.
1. The weather was crazy.
There a variation of weather throughout the whole journey. From drizzle to heavy downpour, then sunny and back to downpour. The cycle repeats for the whole day. Thank God during the scenic route it was all clear skies.
2. Trying to keep up with the group in the highway.
With the crazy weather and other cars on the road, much skill was needed to keep up with the group. Well, can’t compare a Perodua Myvi with a Mercedes or Peugeot right.
Despite of challenges, there’s also few things that are positive.
1. The hospitality of the event crew was awesome!
They make sure that everyone is safe and nobody is left behind.
2. 1 full tank of petrol can take me from Publika to Ipoh and back.
3. Driving solo, no problemo.
There’s also a Q&A session during our debriefing session with PETRONAS’ fuel experts. Here are some myths that are just myths.

1. There’s no significant difference if you pump petrol at anytime of the day.
the temperature in the underground tank keeps the petrol cool. But for that few minutes of the petrol being drawn from the tank to the car, the time is too short for the petrol to evaporate that leaves a significant quantity lost.
2. There’s no difference in the pace when refuelling petrol.
Whether you pull the lever hard enough or let it slowing slow at the minimum speed, there’s no petrol wastage.
3. Changing petrol brands does not deteriorate the car engine.
Changing from one petrol brand to another does not deteriorate the car engine in a long run. However to have the better performance for the car, it is advisable to stick to one brand. For example PETRONAS has engineered their petrol to provide high performance in a long run.
4. All petrol are the same throughout the country. The only difference is the addictive they add in the petrol. 
The addictive is the only element that is varies from one brand to another.

Fun fact: PETRONAS PRIMAX 95 with Advanced Energy Formula has the same components as the fuel used in Formula One. The only difference is the percentage composition.

Nuff said. Tata~

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