My care free Saturdays

My kind of Saturdays would be laying on the bed with my comforter and multiple pillows and stuff toys laying beside, all over me.
That is if I have nothing planned for the day.
It is a day where I become nothing, thinking nothing, and doing something.
Most of the time I spent catching up my YouTube vids for the week. And if my procrastination bug is not activated, I will be doing something with my blog. Either writing a new blog post or upgrading my layout.
It is hard for me to just sit in front of the laptop and start typing out the words. I am always constantly thinking of what to say but once I’ve thought it out, it just disappears. My chain of thoughts moves faster than my fingers can type. Or by the time I grab for a pen & paper or open the notepad on my device, the thought has gone with the wind.
Hence, to even have the words come out, they come in random moments. My brain’s memory storage system cannot recall what has been said or thought.
Some might say that it is a waste of time for doing nothing, but I would say this is my way or recuperating from 5 days of working up my brain cells/juice.
So, here’s my 1 thing to achieve on a chilling Saturday: NOTHINGNESS
Nuff said. Tata~

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