Not gamer material

From an observer’s 1st impression, it doesn’t look that hard to play. You just need to aim and shoot. Head shot would be the best. Upgrade weapons and armour, moving from one level to another. Simply and straight forward game play.
I thought I would give it a try and see. Man, first person shooter (FPS) games are not for me.
The camera view really makes me disorientated and gives me a headache. The left view control is for body movement, the right view control is for head movement. But in order to shoot, I need to be stationed. It’s not easy to move and aim and shoot. That’s like 3 things you need to do simultaneously.
Now, this is the only time where you see guys are very good at multitasking.
It was frustrating for me just to maneuver around the game. I feel so drained mentally after just finishing 1 level or story as they out it in the game.

When I thought of giving a second chance,  it is still frustrating and mentally tired. For my 1st try, my little pinky could not adjust well to the controller.
Here is how people would usually hold the controller. 
This is how I hold the controller while playing. 
This is how I hold the controller now when I play Destiny only. So that I could aim and shoot properly. 
Destiny is an addictive game. Maybe it just applies to me because I recalcitrant that I could not play it well. Still, I could only play 1 story in a sitting before I get nauseous.
On another page, I get to train myself to be bold and daring in making my moves. In life and in the game I’m always very cautious or in other words, scardy-cat. So who says playing game is bad.
Nuff said. Tata~ Jelly!

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