[Movie Review] The Equalizer

A movie that is not disappointing from watching the trailer.

A man from an undisclosed background is out to maintain peace in his neighbourhood known as The Equalizer.
You can know more about the movie synopsis by searching it on search engines.
What I didn’t pay attention to before watching the movie is that it is 18SG. Well I’ve passed the stage of worrying about the age restriction. The main scenes are full of gory graphics for me to handle. Half of the time I was clenching my fist and on standby to shift my eyes away from the screen.
There’s not much explanation on who the main character is or what he does. The only story is that how he has the skill and knowledge to bring peace to his neighbourhood and workplace.
It’s a sit down and watch actions flying everywhere kind of movie. Oh yeah, there’s also a part that reminds me of Michael Bay – EXPLOSIONS!
Also, if you know somebody is hunting you down, how often you will confront it face to face and just  leave without any scratches after talking? Only McCall can do it.
Of course, there’s also some eye candy moment!
But it did not come across to me that it’s the same guy in Lord Of The Rings.
Lesson learnt here: Never mess with a man who wants peace that works in a hardware warehouse.
Nuff said. Tata~ Jelly!
Disclaimer: #NNPremiereScreening #Churpremiere tickets courtesy of Nuffnang & ChurpChurp

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