Money or time?

I have until end of the month to decide which to save, money or time. I had thought about this for a week or so before publishing this post. It’s quite tiring at times after a long day.

For almost a year now I’ve been taking the public transport to work except if I have prior arrangement to go out right after work. ONLY if I have plans. So on a normal month, I would be taking the public transport (train).
Every day I will need to transit twice, to and fro from work. After my calculation, I should be taking the cheapest route. Not only that, sometimes I get to have free breakfast with a bit of detour. The time spent on this route is about 1h 20m for one way. The total cost is RM280/month. This is the save money route.
As for the save time route, I will only need to transit once.  No free breakfast since I will not be on the train line leads to my breakfast pick up point. Time spent is about 1h for one way. The cost of this route is RM420/month.
The difference here is 1 station. The only train that comes in & out of Putrajaya Sentral is the KLIA Express line in which is also the most expensive train line. But the perks are that it follows a schedule, on time, and fast. For an addition of RM140/month, I’m technically saving 40 minutes per day. So that’s 5 times a week, 4 weeks a month. RM140 = appprox. 13h 30m per month  
After traveling for so long day in day out, it is mentally tiring. 
Here’s the breakdown of the difference:
Save Money Route
1. Obviously save cost.
2. Exercise (walking+standing) on average 2 hours daily.
3. Free breakfast

Save Time Route

1. Obviously save time
2. Can leave the house 20 minutes later if required
3. Less 1 train to catch. No need to wait blindly for the train to come

Is my time of 13h 30m worth RM140 per month?

Nuff said. Tata~ Jelly!

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