How it makes you feel?

I came across this phrase ‘How it makes you feel?’ while watching the recorded keynote yesterday. It’s still not too late. At least iPhone 6 is not in Malaysia market yet.
It just hit me that the things that we own or want to have or got to have are just to make us feel good, to be better than others, and to be crème de la crème.
The way marketing or advertising works is to make us feel good, important, prestige, and sometimes accepted when we do that certain action or own that certain thing. Well, that is in a deeper subconscious message.
On the surface, they highlight all the interesting and fun facts to fill up what is lacking. Bringing new product into the market, refurbishing to make products even better, that’s innovation. And there’s nothing wrong with that.
The things that comes to my mind is that society has tuned themselves into listening to things that are pleasing and also makes us feel better of ourselves. You rarely can find any advertisement that talks bad about themselves or presenting their flaws outright.
Why? Simple. Nobody wants to wash their dirty linens in public. Or so that’s what we were being taught.
It has come to a point where how we feels that matters. Consumerism is or has become individualistic. That’s where advertising and marketing strategy tried to target these instances.
Rather than feeling about something about my purchase, instead I would weigh the functionality of owning it. That way I won’t have the guilt of post buy. However, there’s always this thing call unsatisfied with what I have. Wanting the best of both worlds? Not that easy.
Vulnerability such as this enables the brand to ‘speak’ into you and me that we need to have a certain standard of living, own certain items, behave a certain way, and probably think a certain perspective too.
How it makes you feel now?
Nuff said. Tata~ Jelly!

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