I just wanted meatballs!

90km, 3 districts, 1 hour 45 minutes, 1 goal.

and I came back empty handed.

I was disappointed, upset, and just speechless that I’ve actually spent the time, the petrol, and the drive under a bright sunny day just to go back with an empty stomach.

I have a plan of doing something that I could do on the day that I could go out running errands on a working weekday. I’ve been wanting to eat IKEA meatballs for some time now. The craving is back, especially I’ve been visiting IKEA lately. Weekends or public holidays are a no-no when it comes to going out to public areas. So there was I, having a day off on a weekday to satisfy my craving. But that’s not the case. I travelled far and wide there just to find out that there’s no parking. NO PARKING ON A WEEKDAY!

What I did next? Drove away.

Saw this place, A Pie Thing a few times that I’ve travelled along Uptown area. So I decided to give that a try since I’m already all the way in PJ area.

Went there to find out that it was closed.

Already being annoyed that the fact that I can’t have my meatballs, I went drove home.

Brunch? 2 bags full of jambu air. I would say that’s about 1kg there.

I want my IKEA Swedish meatballs!!!

Nuff said. Tata~

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