[Movie Review] The BoxTrolls

It has always been fun to watch movie premieres before it is officially out for public screening. This time around, I was able to catch The Boxtrolls courtesy of Nuffnang & ChurpChurp.
For those that do not know what the show is about, go watch the trailer.
Here’s something that you might find interesting too!


There are a few things to learn from this movie. Some are quite in your face, while some are my observation on it.

1. Don’t just follow the crowd and believe what others say just because they provide a temporary solution to your fear.

2. You need to come out of your comfort zone, even if it leaves you butt naked.

3. The elite members as a whole put their self interest first even though there may be a few that’s otherwise. That’s why people strive to join the club.

4. Do not ignore your children when they are trying to tell you something or trying to connect with you.

5. Do not over exert yourself trying to fit into something that you are not. It’s not worth it. Be true to yourself!

Overall, it is a fun movie to watch. The details of the character’s modelling, the intricate setting, and those mountain of cheese! Watch it for yourself and see if you can spot other values that are portrayed in the scenes!

Nuff said. Tata~ Jelly!

p/s: no boxes were wasted during the making of this blog post


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