20 Fun Facts about Enwei!

And so I was tagged into stating 20 fun facts about me. Here it goes.
1. I like to collect and still play with stuff toys while mimicking with a high pitch voice. I have 2 stuff toys that go with me to places and 1 for me as an eye mask when I sleep. I feel uncomfortable to sleep without them.

2. I have stuff toys wherever I am.
3. I feel very uncomfortable in a crowded place and traffic jams too.
4. I had long hair for 14 years before chopping them off.
5. I contradict myself a lot.
6. I don’t like people thinking that I‘m a typical kind of girl.
7. I cried when I saw a dog was euthanised.
8. I like to travel a lot. I’ve been to all the states and federal territories in Malaysia except Perlis and Labuan.
9. Eating can make me happy.
10. I am obsess with my weight and height and dress size.
11. It is dangerous for me to stay alone.
12. I was a brace face for 4 years.
13. I bite my nails when I’m nervous.
14. I have and use lots of pillows. I still think it’s not enough.
15. The height of my heels ranges from 4-5 inches.
16. I had suicidal thoughts but it was not worth it.
17. I’m not good with my words at expressing and explaining.
18. I miss the runway.
19. I have a diploma in aesthetic treatments.
20. I shower less than 15 minutes including washing my hair. 10 minutes in average and less than 5 if I dun have to wash my hair.
There! 20 fun facts about me. Did you learn something new about me?
Nuff said. Tata~


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