Get 3 beach wear looks from Rip Curl

In the midst of compiling a list of what to get end of this year and I have quite a few of items to get. Just 4 more months to go.
While I was browsing through online boutiques and online shop, saw these clothes and swimsuits from Rip Curl. Man, those clothes and bodies of the models are just speechless… 
Well, it’s Summer all year round in Malaysia, So definitely there’s lots of chances to pull of that beach look almost anytime. Who says you can’t dress up while on a beach vacation. In beach style of course you can.

First look
Rip Curl’s basic tee with printed graphics and patterns for that laid back look at the beach.
It can be paired with a a sweet denim short and accessorize with some coloured bangles. Let you hair fall and feel the cold sea breeze.
Second look
For those that love to be in some water sport action such as surfing or water gliding, this long sleeved swimsuit is the perfect choice to hit the waves with ease. 
No need to worry about that UV rays when testing out that skill of yours. Move on from the girlish look to to reveal a tough boyish character that will make you look pretty cool.

Third look
Of course, for those that love to show off some skin, there is something for you too. The two piece swimwear not only shows off your sexiness but gives you that feminine look. 
Even if you’re not sun tanning or dipping in the sea water, you can mix and match the two piece swimsuit and plat around with the many print designs such as floral, tribal and geometric patterns offered from Rip Curl.

If you are wondering where to buy new beach wears, check out ZALORA as it offers amazing designs of swimwear from Rip Curl online.
The last look will definitely be on my wish list but still have not enough courage to be seen it in. Maybe until the day that I have less fat on my problem areas, then I would be out in the sun, sand, and sea with it.
‘Nuff said. Tata~

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