A good weekend for a great start

The past days have been good. Not doing anything is a good thing but can only last for a day or two for me.
The only time I’m out of the four walls is to get some food. Other than that, it’s just staying at home, lying on the bed with my laptop and iPad. Such bliss after a long time.
The thought of having no thoughts can be found in solitude.
Another month is over!

Time does pass way too fast when there’s deadlines to meet every day. Like every single day!!!
Phew~ Living paycheck to paycheck is still something that I’m still getting used to. Have not been saving much, especially when there’s a holiday/public holiday lurking here and there.
So, no more shopping for me until end of the year EXCEPT for the things that I actually need. There’s a difference between WANT and NEED.

Making up a list of things to get end of this year! Gotta reward myself with something.
Still missing on my annual holiday trip. Stop planning and make it happen.

Nuff said. Tata~

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