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[Beauty Review] DIAMANA Make-Up Removal Oil
Hola! Or should be Bonjour!
Waiting for packages to come are always exciting. It gets more exciting while unwrapping it to find out what’s inside. Not long ago I’ve received a parcel all the way from Taiwan! Not only 1 item was inside but I’ve gotten a few. The first thing to do is take everything out. Next thing is start using them.
I’ve always been a fan of using an oil based make-up remover especially if it’s in liquid form. Have tried using water-based liquid and wipes. It either made my face feeling dry and tight or it does not clean well enough. Until I’ve found 1 brand that does the job for me with a hint of scent in it. However, the texture is slightly thick and I have to pull my skin a little to get it spread even.
I like to put on my make-up with minimal time and remove them twice as fast. Time is very precious when sleep is involved.
My friend suggested me this brand – DIAMANA. Apparently for now it is not available in stores in Malaysia. So my friend shipped it to me from Taiwan, hence the excitement of receiving parcel.
A little background of this brand. 
Well I would say it’s all about the product packaging. But a good web design is a plus point.
Introducing my make-up remover holy grail (for now).
I like transparent packaging because I can tell when I need to get a new one. When it comes to removing make-up, I definitely do not want to be surprised by finding out there’s no more left. It’s not like I have a few products on stand by. Need to reduce the number of products that I have – minimalist, which brings me to my 2nd point on the packaging. There’s no distinctive colour that stand out hence it blends well with my counter top and looks classy a bit. Also there is this tack to place it at the pump so that when you need to transport it around, no spills! No spills, no wastage. Win!
Of course doing a show and tell does a better job than just reading all the words that I typed. 
Cue visual aid. 
Testing it out with what I normally put on my face.
I normally just use 1 pump for the whole of my face. It’s more than enough for a light make-up.
All I need to do is just rub the product onto my face. It glides on well without tugging the skin. This is very important as skin’s elasticity will deteriorate with age and even more without proper skin care.
After that I’ll just use water to wash it off. It doesn’t leave that oily feeling even with just water. Like it says in their label, it is a gentle clean cleansing oil.
Just to show the difference, I stopped at after washing off the cleansing oil. It doesn’t feel dry nor sticky.
But of course you will need to wash your face after that with a facial cleanser and continue with your usual skin care routine.this is not an all in one product.
You can get this product at shop.diamana.com
Just a simple currency conversion, this product is selling at NT$1,300. So that would be like around RM130. 
Here comes the fun part for all those that loves DISCOUNT.
I would always say ‘why pay the full price when you can get it cheaper’.
For those that want to try out this product, but might not think that it is worth the value yet, you can get it at 60% OFF the market price.
All you need to do is just comment below with the following details and you will be contacted by a representative from DIAMANA:
  1. Full name
  2. Email address
  3. Facebook URL
Check out the other stuff that they have to offer at  shop.diamana.com or diamana.com to know more about this brand. There’s free standard shipping with no minimum purchase required!
Happy browsing!

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