Being God

I’m really not good at keeping my blog up to date. If somehow there is something like a system or a software that could transcribe what I’m thinking. But then, that could violate human rights in any possible way. Also there won’t be any privacy left when the brain could be tap easily. Doesn’t it sound familiar? Maybe Transcendence is worth watching again.
So for the first weekend of May, I spent most of these 2 days playing The Sims 3. Finally succumb to have a go at it ever since I downloaded it months ago. With only less than 24 hours, I’ve gone through adulthood till my sims was taken by the grim reaper. Stayed in the same 1 bedroom house the whole life, no husband, no kids, no partner, no housemate, and no car even though I’m The Leader of A Free World as my career.

My verdict is I’m deleting the game and uninstall it from my laptop. Total wipeout. But it was not cheap when the game was bought. Hence the dilemma that comes after letting logic and reasoning sink in. 

What I felt dreaded about the game was the game time of doing tasks. Other than sleeping that takes up about 8 hours and going to work (fixed), other tasks takes up too much time to complete. If it was to simulated so much that it reflects similarly to reality, it is very educational for people who will be embarking in a new chapter of their life.
Another thing is that I find the game speed control was a bit on the off side.
P – Pause
1 – Normal
2 – Fast
3 – Ultra speed
4 – Ultra speed through current action
I’m fine with the first 3 speeds. Only when it comes to the last speed setting, the only difference is that the speed will switch to normal once the current task is complete. Sometimes it is good but most of the time it was redundant for me. I just put on the ultra speed and let it run until 1 or 2 tasks are queued then I out to normal speed and assign tasks again before switching it back to ultra speed. Still I find the game not going fast enough.
Maybe it could be just me being used to having things constantly moving at a fast pace or just be needs things to be fast and going.

But like I said earlier, it is educational especially to those who will be at the cross junction once they step into adulthood. However with the speed setting, unconsciously life will just passed you by till the point where you would think what has happen in between.

So now I’ve changed my game plan for the second time round. The first time all I did was to achieve my lifetime goal. That means I just work all day, climbing the social ladder before retiring age. I manage to do that but in the process, there was no life. Not much time to explore the neighbourhood, the town, and the shops. Forever stayed in the same house with some upgraded items.
The second time and current game, I’m just going for some part-time job and also have more free time to do what I want when I want. Looks like this is life. 
Choose wisely or it will never come back

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