[Churpremiere] Need For Speed

I got a need for speed and people knows about that!

I got premiere tickets to watch it before it hits the cinema… This is just awesome. All thanks to ChurpChurp for this #Churpremiere tickets!

All I can say it’s that the movie is all for the cars. Storyline wise, your typical got framed, go to jail, come back out for vengeance.

Something to look out for is this helicopter and car scene.

 Imagine if you were dangling mid air in the car going across the ocean. Err… Not fun at all for the first minute.
But but… the only cast that caught my attention was Imogen Poots.
Okay. She looks so much better without that fringe.

Doesn’t she looks like Kate Winslet? 

 Fan girl crush moment.

So what I heard is that the whole movie is a product placement for the new Ford Mustang. Well, if I could afford it, why not add into the collection?

Lots of expensive cars destroyed along the way. geddit??
I only have one question though. How would the winner of the race gets the other cars if they are all smashed and police are there surrounding it? Does it mean that they just win the title and able to keep the car they are driving only?

Waste of horsepowers.

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