Food, my biggest weakness

You live to eat or eat to live?
When it comes to eating and food, I eat to live. Only when special occasion and/or hard to get food becomes an option, then I’m there, living to eat. 
Food has become something both needed and wanted. 
I have a different measurement for hunger. It’s not your typical hungry, full, or feel like snacking. My kind of measurement is famished, bloated, still can eat, don’t feel like eating or the most common – don’t know what to eat. Sometimes when I’m in famished mode, I still don’t know what I want to eat. Then end up not eating at all. Save money. 
Another don’t know what to eat moment is when there’s too many choices in the menu. I feel like ordering everything there if only I could afford it. 
So come the days where I’ve people made the choice of where to eat, still, it’s hard to make a decision on what to eat.
However, at times we just gotta enjoy the little things in life that we get. If we were to always pick and calculate on what do or eat, what joy is there in life. Read properly – if we ALWAYS. Will leave that for another topic.
Beginning of the month I’ve spoilt myself with some good food. Food therapy for the soul and mind.
Went to The Curve to try this – Johnny Rockets. Heard they have another branch opened in Avenue K, beside KLCC. 
When have people singing at a certain time. Entertaining customer with music and dance. 
Most probably one of the reasons why during that time service will slow down. They are too busy dancing with much enthusiasm. 
Ambiance wise, it is very retro, 60’s diner feel. 
Food wise, I find it fairly normal. Don’t see what’s so special about it. Their famous milkshake is kinda pricey though. 
Burgers, burgers, and more burgers. 
Still prefer Tony Roma’s. 
Move on to the next fulfilling meal in the week. 
How can you say no to moist chocolate cake with banana and array of buffet set up. 
The food was so delicious that the lamb is tender with good aroma. So much so that I went for 3 servings. Not easy to find places that cooks good lamb dish.
I need happy food at times to help me salvage my sanity. 

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