Do you want a cookie?

Gone are the days where the birds fly in the air, maneuvering through the pipes.

Trends come and go. But how long can you stay trending is the question.
As of last, the wind has change where now we can play with our food!
Heard of gingerbread man story? If not gingy from Sherk?
Now they have come alive with LINE Cookie Run! Yes, they and they are called cookies not gingerbread man. There are so many types of cookies and of course comes with different abilities. 
Felt so much achievement when I got 3rd for the week. 

It all started with just person challenging us (one tenth of the office) saying that we can’t get higher score than that person. And now more people are paying it, and also higher and higher scores are achieved. 

It feels so good to be in the million club. 
So much healthy competition is happening. 
Everyday conversation is now about cookies, pets, jellies, rainbows, and candy land!!!
Back to the game to get that 1st place! Time to run to Cookie Run.

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