Procrastinating Blog Post

Actually, I have at least 3 pending posting to be done up till today. Yet every time when I open ‘new post’ page, I’ll be just stuck there for almost a day, then whatever, heck that, reverts to closing the window. That’s the story of my sad, sad blog. 
Every time when I thought of posting something like events that I went to or my thoughts on something that happened around me, instantly there will be a debate going on in my head. Be it for lack of photos taken to my laziness of transferring the photos to my computer or just plain debating on worrying the consequences of what I write. Man, this is tough. 
However, whatever that is published from my social media platform has definitely been self-scrutinized. So I’ll hold full responsibility and accountability to the words that is typed out. Self-censorship is a better policy. But the downside would be less blog postings.
In order to compensate that for the past few weeks, bombard you with a #ShamelessEnwei photo. 
Looking like royalty just for 1 picture.

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