I got the sign from the Stars!

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The Stars has aligned for me this Chinese New year, the year of the Horse! This is my year! All yeay  all day and neigh to hay. 
With only a few days left before the celebration of CNY ends, an exclusive Chinese New Year offer is on the fastest network now on Celcom First!
Gotta be fast like the horse as being fast is the theme this year. Finders keepers, losers weepers. 
Happy Chinese New Year from Celcom First! May you be blessed with good fortune and prosperity. Usher in the Year of The Horse with the Samsung GALAXY Note 3 Rose Gold Edition. Enjoy these special offers on the fastest network.

The Stars has shown me the importance of quality. I would choose quality over quantity anytime. Time and time again it has proven to me by the choices I’ve made. I would spend money on something that has quality and has proven its’ worthiness of the price I paid rather than just being a cheapskate. 

I’ve spotted something shiny from afar as I was searching high and low while contemplating on my decision that could change my universe.  The Stars has shown me Samsung GALAXY Note 3

It comes in your standard Black or White but now there is Black with Rose Gold and White with Rose Gold!. Rose Gold!!! So much ‘ONG’ in it.

Black with Rose Gold
White with Rose Gold
 Not only there’s so much ‘ONG’ in it, it is sophisticated and in HD screen. 
The great features of it:

  • Sophisticated design
  • 5.7 inch HD screen to enjoy a more vivd viewing experience
  • New S pen for easier and smoother navigation on the phone

You know what! You could get a FREE Moschino case worth RM189 when you purchase the Samsung GALAXY Note 3 Rose Gold Edition from Celcom First!

Moschino Case
Protection is so important!

That’s not the only offer! When you sign up for any Celcom First with mPro plan with the Samsung GALAXY Note 3 in ANY colour, you can enjoy the Samsung GALAXY Gear (Orange) at only RM288
Samsung GALAXY Gear (Orange)
People that know me well should know that I’m on such a fast pace that you might have a hard time to catch up. Speed is so much in me that I need to be connected the moment I click. So what is more suitable to choose Celcom for your Samsung GALAXY Note 3?

  • It’s the fastest network that lets you get online anytime, anywhere.
  • With the network that keeps you connect 24/7, your mobile experience is brought to life. Now you can truly enjoy it without compromise.
  • They are consecutive winners of Frost & Sullivan Awards, further enforcing their status as Malaysia’s best network.
  • They’re known to have one of the best packages and plans. This time is no different.
  • Even if you need help with anything, Celcom Customer Service is always ready at your service, eager to help you find a solution.

The Stars has shown me that beam of light that could change my universe this year!

If this is still not convincing enough, stare at the Stars below! It might help you think otherwise!

For more information, you can visit <http://bit.ly/1i6o3FR>

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