Sales! Season Clearance! Further Markdown! BROKE!

After Winter season is the season of getting items at cheaper price. The word ‘Season Clearance’ is almost an eye candy. It’s almost everywhere, especially when money has already gone out for the festive season a month ago. 
Now, major retail shops are having season clearance upon further markdown upon sales! This is driving me mad!!! BECAUSE I cannot get the grape, therefore I’m saying the grape is sour!
I’m seeing so many pretty things hanging in the stores. Most of them are new arrivals… =.= My eyes don’t like the things on sale. Maybe it’s because of the way people flip their way through the on sale items rather than don’t bother to see new arrivals. Or maybe I just have eyes on expensive stuff… 
Been eyeing on 2 items since I saw it last month. But with only 1 item, there goes my monthly shopping allocation. So the question now is how bad would I want it. 
Things can’t go wrong when it’s heels that I’m speaking of, even more so when it’s from Zara. Owned my first pair of Zara heels for at least 4 years now and it’s still so good and comfy
The thought of getting boots to add to my heels collection has always been a fantasy of mine. Coats and boots, when can I have and use them?
Saw this ankle boots in Zara for some time now. Had mix comments about it though. I wouldn’t need to think so hard if it were not on sale. Original retail price is RM259. Now it’s only RM199.90. Just barely made into my range But now the dilemma is which colour should I get? Nude or black?

Photo credit: Zara

Photo credit: Zara

Photo credit: Zara
Another item that I saw was this skirt from H&M.

Photo credit: H&M

Not this black colour though. It’s orange-y red. Looks kinda nice. But the length is a tad too long even for me.
So on my day off today, I went to hunt these items after thinking and considering through and through whether should I get them. 
First went to Zara to see if there’s my size for that boots. Unfortunately or fortunately, I can only find Zara for men! Where is the women section in KLCC?? So since I can’t find it, it’s destined not to be mine. Oh well, save myself 200 bucks! 
Went to H&M to test out that skirt next. 
Only a few pieces left and none in my size… This is a sign. Took one that is a size bigger to test it out and who knows maybe I have a different size for H&M clothings? That did not work out well too. The length of the skirt was way too long unless I have my heels on. Din look as nice as I thought it would be. Oh heck ya. Shopping list, get riddance.
Saved myself almost RM300 there… Good job Enwei! However still ended up spending RM100 on something else. Gotta have some achievement unlocked from my weekday stroll in the mall. It’s hard to come by these days.

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