Miss what I like to do

*this is what happens when I have time to ponder.*
I miss the runway. 
It’s coming to the 4th year since I last step foot on the runway. It was something I had to sacrifice at that point of my life. But ever since then, it all became history. A past that will only remain as a memory. 
I miss wearing heels. 
The last time I wore it, it felt so strange. Couldn’t walk properly with heels on. My stride was definitely affected. How can this happen?!
I miss the modelling industry in general.
The runway, the rehearsals, the clothes, the makeup, the company of friends, and how can I forget them heels. Some part of me just died with it when I made my decision years ago.
I miss traveling (backpack style).
It’s coming to a year now since I went for my first ever backpacking trip out of Malaysia. So many blessing and lessons learnt from a 5 day trip. It is important who you go with even more so when you are going out of your own country. 
I miss doing random spontaneous things.
Things change over time as we move from one reality to another. By that time, it was the road less taken that has brought me to where I am. 
Nonetheless, there’s always a rainbow after the rain.
I now do have a bunch of spontaneous and fun people around me that brought back a piece of myself back. People that do randomly spontaneous stuff like deciding on going for a roadtrip a day before. And a roadtrip we did have! 
Having some random photoshoot were part of the package.

Whatever that was taken away, God manages to give it back in another way. 
What I miss the most is my dream and my passion for it.
Have you lost your dream or your passion? 
Have you come to a point of giving it all up ’cause it is going nowhere?
I have reached that point before, but I am not willing to fully throw it all away. I just need to find another path that could lead me to it. 
What are the things that you miss doing or having? What are you doing about it or going to do about it?

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