Take time to ponder?

The bustling city, the number of vehicles on the road, the people coming in and out of train stations, walking at top speed, rushing to every minute, down to the seconds, unwanted body contact around… The list goes on and on… 
Living in a reality where everything has to be fast, when do we take a time to ponder?
Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?
Have you lost your passion or dream along the way?
What kind of life you would want to live in?
Such questions always arise when I question myself ‘What am I doing with my life’. Yup, either 1 of these will happen when I look like I’m zoning out. 
1. Totally zoning out (happens mostly at night near and after bedtime)
2. Have tons of things going through and around my head (only during day time)
Even now when I have time off from my routine schedule, still it is not really a time off. My mind/brain constantly has something to think of. Miss those times in the jungle where it is like paradise. Having my own time to wake up and sleep, mornings are always so relaxing, staring at the greeneries with the cool air, not thinking of what do I have to complete next. 
Now my mind will always have something to think about. Be it about work, about life, about dreams, about passion, about my flaws, about what and how can I improve myself, somehow there is something to fill in the void. 
Need to reevaluate my pondering time as it is not really helping much, but rather making me more miserable.
How is it for you? 
Do you take time to ponder?
What do you reflect on?


  1. WERHLERHN's right! I do ponder about stupid stuff. But I think at least now I do something I love ( *cough* gym *cough*) every morning. Gives me something to look forward to everyday I guess? And remain positive. Heh


  2. I reflect on my life all the time. But it cannot stop there. Have to do something about it. Otherwise, 5 years from now I might be still be pondering over the same thing, going no where. :p


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