Green dinosaur! What?!

*Disclaimer: This is a non-sponsored post. Anything written is the opinion of the author alone.*
Have you seen a green dinosaur?
Has Charmander changed its skin colour? What is this green Charmander doing? Or is it that this is Agumon’s colour transition? I thought they were both not of this colour? 
What is this??? *But can I get a plushie for this?*
What is this green dinosaur appearing out of nowhere? Green dinosaur(s) invading the earth/world? 

Apparently it’s only dino has to protect it’s homeland from invaders. 
Still can sleep so soundly but in a cave? Such a lucky dino that didn’t go extinct while the rest are in exhibition or turned to fossil.
Start saving your homeland before it’s too late! 
Mobile App version
Web version
There’s a web version and a mobile app version for this game but the app version is only available in Google Play.

Go download! Go download!
boohoo iOS users… If the game is a hit, maybe it will be available for iOS users as well? *fingers cross*
Still in Beta mode… I’m scrutinizing this game as much as I can.
Gotta give some credits to the creators of this game!
This will happen if you fail to protect your homeland.
However in real life,  game over is the end.
I can now be a green dinosaur with Pixel Dino
Not only it can be played on the web BUT on Android devices too! Plus.. plus… plus… who doesn’t like FREE stuff!!!
Go give a thumbs up on their Facebook Page!
Try out the game HERE!
My verdict on this game so far:
1. Liking the old school pixilated graphic.  
2. Controls are simple and straight to the point. You don’t need a tutorial for this, like seriously. 
3. Web – Graphics are definitely better than the mobile version. Could see the 3D effect so much clearer. 
4. Mobile app – Y NO available on iOS?!!!
5. The wordings’ font are kinda off when the game is pixilated. 
So go try the game only you can start complaining!

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