Body trying to be healthy

… Yet I’ve failed on my body to do so.

The one department that my body is good at is making me sleepy after 10pm. Making me hard to go out at night unless I have a driver. 
Lately my body is also trying to go on a detox program where whatever solid food comes in, the system will try to flush it out as much as possible. I for one will not revert to eating greens all the time. Been there, done that. I wonder how people can persevere with that as their main dish. If with a nice dressing and toppings of exquisite taste, then I don’t mind having that once a day. 
Seems like going to gym is the it thing now. New Year is coming… Start to plan my New Year’s resolution that I might not be following so it will be more of a wishlist rather than a resolution. 
How’s my 2013? 
It just keeps getting better when you have been low enough. 
Smile ’cause the world does not need to know your anguish. 

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