What have I been doing with my life?!

What have I been up to since the day I deserted my blog?

Going back and forth KL and Kuantan so often that it’s more of a short term stay between those 2 places. Both places either got limited internet speed or no internet connection at all. How I lived my life then? Hanging around doing basically nothing for 2 months was both good and terrible.

There’s no such thing as taking a break after finishing studies. It’s always what’s the next step, where are you applying for work, what kind of work are you going to apply, so on and so forth that it’s kinda annoying. Seriously.

So traveling to Singapore I did, alone. First and last solo travel ever. Not prepared for that yet. Nut at least it’s only the neighbouring country. Can’t imagine myself doing that in another continent or out there with no technology connection. Got that off my bucket list (if I have one).

Moving on,

I finally GRADUATED!

I made it to a local newspaper!

3 long years I’ve waited for this day to come. It would be 3 short years if counting the time I spend in Kuching and the friendship made.

But it’s time to move on to another chapter in life. Can’t keep on lingering in the good moments. Time does not stop for anyone. It’s how you utilize it.

Good things come in a bundle.

Expand my plushie kingdom!
Got custom made bouquet and the fox from IKEA. One can never have enough plushies (no matter the age/gender).

Churpie joining the family!

1 productive month compensated 2 doing-nothing-month.

Got my chance to go for movie premiere with Nuffnang and ChurpChurp!!!! (say what)

Free Birds
Hunger Games: Catching Fire

#Churpremiere is so awesome! 

Another highlight of my life this year is…

Meeting famous people!

Timothy Tiah & #Fighter Tiah

Let me go into fan mode for awhile.

Been reading Tim‘s and Audrey‘s blog for a few years dy. Little did I know that I get to see them in person. It is surreal to see and talk to people in person when we only know them through the screen. I can understand now how people feel when they see their idols/celebrities/people-they-see-only-through-the-screen.

November has been awesome for me. Amazing moments that I would never have wished for nor imagine. 
Can’t wait to unbox what God has install for me next month! *festive mode*

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