Dilemma that everyone faces at one point

The interval between finishing school and securing a job is the worst situation one could ever be in. If it’s not for others, it is very much a reality for me.
There is no such thing as taking a break or having a short holiday after finishing studying. It always has to go to the next level. There is no stopping at a plateau. When one chapter closes, another has to open and more often it is written by others rather than on my own. 
What happened to living your dream?
What happened to striving for what you want?
What happened to those aspirations we were once told to chase?
The harsh, cruel reality hits me hard and that was only the beginning. We are supposed to follow this cycle that every person in the society should. Birth > school > degree qualification (at least) > secure a job > rise in the corporate ladder > buy house/car > earn & save money > retire > death.

Seriously this is not what I sign up for, not for my life.

YET, I’m being pressured into conforming into this mold. What saddens me more is that people love being a judge, a commentator, and/or being someone to just put you down. I do understand some for their concerns but what I can read from all those are saying that I’m a naive person, I only know how to have fun and not be serious, I’m being a spoilt brat and what not.

Just because of another’s mistake, I have to bear the consequences. I have to clench my teeth and suck it up but it is draining me out faster than I can replenish it. It is tiring to be strong and to stay strong. The going gets tough, the tough gets going. 

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