Overdue TheFaceShop haul

I went on some impromptu shopping spree last month. Was suppose to get a thing or two from TheFaceShop because the product I was using was finishing. Little did I know it was on some sales period and there’s a lot of ‘buy 1 free 1’, ‘member’s sale’, and buy how many products get how many discounts off. When it comes to sales, it is a bargain because why pay more when you can actually pay less. Come on. 50% off. I’m not gonna pay a full price when they can slash down the price to half. So in the end, the damage was Rm200 from just initially getting a product or two. Freebies came along when you spent so much in one bill.
HD-Perfect BB Cream. Got this for 50% off. Forgotten about the price.
First up is a BB cream. Was in need of a new one since the existing BB cream that I have is actually more than a year old and I don’t really like the texture and consistency. Have to put on powder after the BB cream because I was shining after 2 hours. 
This however have a powder finish. So no sticky residue and I can just use this and move along. Less products means good for traveling. So far I’m liking this BB cream. Not sticky and gives a decent coverage as how BB cream should be. But HD-Perfect, I don’t think so. Put on a second layer does not help either. Let alone after 8 hours, it is almost gone. My pimples were sticky out screaming for attention. 
Chia Seed Eye Cream
Got this product because it was on a buy 1 free 1 promotion. Don’t have an eye cream to use for the moment so why not let it have a try. I don’t really see much difference on my dark eye rings as what the promoter say that it will help lighten or whatever. But at least I know my eyes are taken care of so what the heck.
Chia Seed Mist/Toner
This came for free because I got the eye cream. Suppose it can be use as a toner too if not as a face mist. Took this for traveling not because it was small in packaging but of it’s dual functionality. Used it as a toner so I could opt for not bringing my heavy packaged toner. 
Mild Toner for acne skin
This is a heavy glass bottle for a toner for me to bring it everywhere. Don’t really see much changes in my acne skin but it does help a little if combined with the right moisturiser. Giving this a try for the first time since the moisturiser of the same range was not that bad.
Oil-Free Control Cream
Was intended to get this only as my last bottle was finishing. Not a bad product that I came to buy it for the second time. But knowing the condition of my face, I could only use it during the day to control whatever oil or sebum that secretes from my skin. Tried using both day and night, my skin not getting any better. So conclusion, by day, control oil; by night, hydration mode on! 
the package says it all
I need just that little more to reach the amount where I could get myself to more freebies. So got this mask since I wanted to try it out for along time and the price although tad bit expensive but I was in such a need to clear my pimples away. It gotten so much worst when I came back to Peninsula. No idea why. 
The mask is not bad. It helped reduce some redness on my face and cooled it down a little.
Goodies time!
So I spent more than Rm120 that made my eligible to 2 freebies – the red bag and the bag tag. I could fit 3 days 2 nights worth of traveling clothes into that bag including some essential make up products and hair products. Too bad my straightener and hair dryer could not fit. But good enough to fit all those stuff inside. Helps to be travel light and restricting myself to bring essential things only. #packinglikeadude
Got a handful of free samples! woohoo… Samples are also good when it comes to traveling. Can use at least twice for 1 small packet. Anything good for traveling is great for me. So I’ve got 3 samples of their new CC cream, 3 packets if chia seed moisturiser and 4 packets of their best selling sleeping mask. Me like samples!

The whole haul. Total damage Rm200

For spending Rm200, I’ve gotten myself 6 products, 1 makeup/taveling(for me) bag, 1 bag tag, and a handful of samples. I’m happy with that. Money well spent.

Need to try other Korean beauty brands to see what suits me. See you next haul! (I don’t know when)

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