Almost non existence post

It has been such a long time since I came to the compose a new post page. Oh how have I neglected my sanity space. No wonder my brain is going haywire lately. Too many thought clogging up my flow. 
So it’s already another month in the calender. OMG how did that happen so fast? So I have about less than 20 days to go for my internship. Minus all the weekends and public holiday, I’ll be having about 10 days left.. 10 days? That’s gonna be some motivation.
This week seems to be moving too fast. Too fast… Weekend is coming and I’m leaving to another holiday trip! Looking forward to every weekends now. That’s the only time when I can gain back my sanity and myself. 
So what have I been up to for July? Other than the every week going down to PJ area, I manage to stay over at my relative’s place and the constant flow of food just overwhelmed by newly trained stomach. Went back to Kuantan last week since it was a 3-day-weekend off. Again, the constant flow of food just keeps on coming. Totally not being put off but the amount of food that I eat now is so much lesser compared to what I’m used to. Weekday diet has definitely overruled weekend diet. No problem to survive with 1 proper meal a day as long as it’s not dinner. Or I might turn anorexic soon… Haven’t weigh myself in a long time. Pros and cons of having a meal a day. 
1. save money
2. no need to think of what to eat, where to eat, when to eat
3. no dishes to wash (i’m that lazy to do the dishes hence no cooking)
4. lose the tummy fat
5. amazingly less cravings although it still happens occasionally
1. can no longer eat big portion. feel like I’m stuffing myself
2. not a good diet they say
3. not healthy they say
Well, can’t think of the negativity of having a meal a day for now. 
I still love eating. 
I still do eat big portions but there are some requirements. 
I still go for food hunt when I have people with me. you won’t see me hunting food alone. 
So now I have a weekday diet and a weekend diet which is practically killing me during the transition period. I can surely say there is no such thing as a crash diet. It must be done in a gradual matter. If not your body suffers, your system suffers, your mental suffers and thus, you will suffer big time. I don’t mind sticking to this current diet. Will see how it hold up for this month. I’m seeing 50kg on the scale by the end of the month *fingers cross*

The post can never be completed without some pictures!
*warning: some of the pictures may be sensitive to some, please view it with caution*

BBQ buffet during my cousin’s farewell/b’day party
sashimi anyone?
Food is all that matters
some healthy snacks too 
Bring on the buffet menu
Seafood is always a must-have
Don’t forget about the dessert
Mother’s beauty soup. Fav soup can only be found at home
Crabs, fish, I want another Chinese meal
Supper at my fav place. Worth the money only during supper
A must have breakfast when I’m back in Kuantan

This weekend is another food hunting trip! PENANG! got my itinerary for food ready to go.

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