My mini retreat

It’s coming to an end for my 3rd week of internship. That makes 5 more to go. Not that long though. However I have lots of free time to spare after work and the weekends. 

Got my final results for years of studies in uni earlier this week. Not that trilled. Still having unfinished business that will quickly come to a close in a couple of days. My mind is so blank for that. Yet there are some other things that I began to notice. 
What I’ve done for the past 3 weeks in work really does test my attitude in doing a task or two. I’m trying not to complain bout what I am doing but it does challenge me mentally. Somebody gotta do that job anyhow. At least I’ve learn something in terms of dealing with people on the phone. Not doing any telemarketer job though. I realized that if speak with the person on the other end of the phone with courtesy and a happy tone even they greet me with a I-hate-my-job voice, they’ll change their tone most of the time. There were some that was jolly and it’s so refreshing to hear these one in a while when making more than 50 calls a day. Since I’m asking for a favour with those calls, I shouldn’t be all you owe me this favour kinda attitude. I’m sure they will be more accommodating with a friendlier attitude. Well, I do. 
Moving on. Like I said I have lots of time on my side, somehow I’m getting slightly sensitive with details. Details such as people’s voices and details even wen I watch a movie or drama. My mind starts to dissect each section of the movie when it goes to an analyzing mode. Then I realized that “hey, this point stands out a lot. Why didn’t I realized before.” Why does this not being applied in my academic situation? Maybe when it ends only I will get some enlightenment. Slow brain for academic but training it for the real world. 
So had been watching some old recycled movies lately to pass some time other than the weekend outings I had the last two weeks. Definitely sparked new ideas about life and how I should tweak some in mine and changing of perspective. I’ve been living in my own diva world for a little too long. Yet people still see me as if I’m living that diva world. Well, I don’t have to justify myself to the world by my words. I may say one thing and do another, may be a hypocrite or look like one. I’m trying at least to be honest with myself. 
Definitely learning something new everyday even if I’m facing four walls all day. My future is hanging by a thread. 

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