Weekend Outing

My first weekend all by myself living in the concrete jungle. Had 2 different outings for the 2 day weekend. 
1st was on Satuday, followed a friend for their life group/ cell group/ care group to Kuala Selangor. As I recalled, it was my second time to that place. Nice sunset, delicious seafood, and cruising down the riverbank to see fireflies. 
Managed to watch the sun setting. No filter needed.

 Nothing much to rave about the food. It’s all about seafood! Had dinner at River View Seafood Restaurant. Seems like that’s what people do when they come to Kuala Selangor.

Ate almost a plate of lala

 After dinner went to see fireflies at Kelip-Kelip Kampung Kuantan. Talking about going back to hometown in another state! Managed to see lots of fireflies compared to my last trip which was like 2 years ago. Friendly boatman too.

Though I didn’t have to drive all the way there but still had to drive all the way to PJ from Serdang. Traffic wise was still fine, just not with that Kancil of mine.

Next day drove all the way to PJ again to meet up with another friend. Why so many are staying at that area?! Reached there in time for tea.

Being a jakun

 Went to Snowflake for the first time after hearing and passed by for so long. Wasn’t taken aback by the food as it was similar to ZenQ back in Kuching. Price wise was practically the same just that the variety is slightly different. I still prefer ZenQ for now. They have more variety in one bowl.

Had Japan Combo II

The base and toppings are the same just the texture and intensity of the flavour differs. 

From my weekend outing, I have a pre-conclusion of not driving all the way to PJ for 2 days straight. At least I don’t have to travel everyday from PJ to Bandar Baru Bangi for work. KL/Selangor traffic is seriously freaking me out even more when I’m driving that Kancil of mine.

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