#firstworldproblem 2

My love hate relationship with the internet has gone to a whole new dimension. 
Frustration keeps on building up when how we connect through cyberspace is determined by 2 major factors – internet connection and the world wide web (WWW). So when internet connection is slower than a 56k bits modem when it is supposed to be at the speed of 4mbps, then there is a problem here. #firstworld problem. 
First of all, I’m not asking for a one-click-load-ready page. Just decent enough of load time. Well that I still can tolerate since it’s not like taking more than 5 minutes to get it up. What frustrates me is not to have a smooth streaming even with a 4mbps speed. I don’t know about other countries, but here in Malaysia is just a pain in my tolerance. I’m not even streaming HD quality videos, only 480p. Is that asking too much? I don’t think so. 
This is how technology screws up the life of people who are becoming dependent on it with all these developments and innovations. 
We are so used to improvements, upgrading this, updating that, that we or I in this case are not satisfied anymore with simple things and going back to basics. We’ve enjoyed and tasted the finer things in life that if things drops from the status quo, aggravation starts to pile up. On the other hand, if the status quo is seen as beneficial, then boy, that’s another story. 
Back to my story. 
So why am I so angry right now? Because I couldn’t watch youtube in a decent streaming speed! That’s why. 
The loading time for a video is so slow let alone the streaming time. Last time, I could pause the video after it started streaming for a few seconds and then let it load the rest of it while I do other things. Now,  even after letting it load, there is no point in pausing the video to let it continue to load because it will not load all the way. Meaning I still have to wait in between with all the pausing and playing, pausing and playing only then I could finish the whole clip. That is such a bummer with all the (‘cuts’) pausing moments that I have to endure. It just cuts off the flow of the video. This happened not only to youtube but it is the most prominent to me. Internet speed in Malaysia…. argh
Moving on to the 2nd factor which also making me vex. I have nothing against WWW, only the components in them where one of it is just bugging me a lot. Talk about convenience. Google has just made my life in slight misery with google+ and account with google. Linking of google with yahoo mail, hotmail, youtube (again), and blogger. It was supposed to be more convenient but it’s more of a burden to me. 
 They have this feature of switching accounts between the email accounts which is suppose to provide easier access rather than having multiple times of signing in and such. BUT, their setting is always putting one as default for the whole system. I have my separate accounts for a reason and this is so not helping in creating convenience. For starters, I have 3 email adds from 3 different (I don’t know what you call it) providers. I use yahoo email add to sign in to youtube before google introduces integrating with signing in multiple accounts. Hotmail for my blogger account, and gmail for google+. Now here is the tricky part. 
When I sign in to blogger, it is automatically connected with anything related to google, that is google+ and youtube for my case. So I gotta sign in and out rather than leaving in sign in all the time. It is only with this google integration thing that is really messing with my accounts. It will auto default for me but that’s not what I want. #firstworldproblem here? I have to keep signing in and out just to get my accounts right. So much for multitasking with multi accounts signed in.
Too much dependency on technology nowadays. Always needing to adjust to the new settings and new features can sometimes cause problems such as this. Well, that’s my 2 cents on how it messed with my life now. I may sound hypocritical but hey, isn’t this a way of thinking critically and stimulate our minds? 
That’s all of the rant for now. Coping my life with technology. 

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