Food Galore!

Something to cheer me up while I’m at stress time.
Been neglecting this little spot for a long long time. So bringing a bit justice back into this space, what else is more appropriate than bring food back!
*Caution: Those hungry and craving for food should turn away now or bear the consequences later. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!*
All of the food below can only be found in Beijing, China or that’s just where I got them. Oh how I miss the weather there and the street food! It’s all about the streets! Well, my whole experience of eating is either from street vendors or restaurants that the tour guide took us. Not a big fan of tours now.
Glorious food moments.

Barbeque – pork meat!
More barbeque – chicken wings and PORK EARS!
Beauty shot of food
Reality shot – One giant bowl of beef noodles… Mostly just noodles, only that tad bit of shredded chunks of meat 
Dumplings of a different place.
Street dumplings
More Dumplings! 
Taste-wise still not bad but portion-wise, well…. 
Some sample tidbits for us to try
Pork sausage… say What?!
Black chicken herbal soup with wanton! oh yeah

One thing China and Philippines have in common is pork everywhere. Oh my food heaven. Apologies to vegans and non pork eaters but I just love my food.

Yes, food does make me happy but that does not mean I abuse food by making my body suffer. Period.

On to the next food hunt! My life is all about traveling and food. Anyone wanna hire me? ><

Done with food, back to starvation and work.

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