I need a game plan

I’m wasting my time again by doing unproductive stuff. Today’s class was such a dragged that I almost dozed off. Thank God that the lecturers did not go all the way for 2 hours if not my mental health might be at the point of no return.Time and time again told myself not to slack nor procrastinate but looking at my situation now, nothing has changed. Still doing last minute assignments which I thank God a lot for bringing me through with such crappy work. 
I am in need of a new game plan. Coming into this semester, I have a game plan for my life but that does not include my studies. Oh crap! I am now a soulless person wondering through this life. Life is slowly being sucked out of me when I’m facing articles and a blank page of Microsoft Words. Oh inspiration and motivation, don’t leave me now before I go for my trip. Things to settle within a week more have to be done within this week. Procrastination spirit gotta leave now! 
So how should I have my game plan? Obviously discipline is not in my vein nor organization can help. Though people are trying to instill that in me or maybe others since young. Don’t they know that there is no one size fits all mold? Well, need to figure it out by myself what suit me best. Only I know what works for me isn’t so? 
Game plan… game plan… game plan…
Plan for the next holiday trip? Motivation on!

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