Philippines D-2

With a bit of alcohol, it goes a long way in terms of a good undisturbed sleep. Woke up to see this!
Breakfast laid on the table! How blessed can we get with Krispy Kreme on the side. Americano but not  totally.
Sausages made from pork, chicken and beef (if not mistaken) and ham! It has been a while since I had any type of ham. 
Seen before the nescafe instant coffee maker where you put in capsules? This is a limited edition that came all the way from France! Try and guess what it resembles.
Side view
How I wish I could travel to Europe
The town we were in

After breakfast we went to Metro Manila. Well, we have nothing plan exactly and since we decided to do a one day trip to Manila, went we did.

How can you not take a mirror picture with a giant full frame mirror
Since our host and foster family were going to spent their time in Manila for a while, we took a bus back to Clark. The host was so nice to help us find the bus terminal near the mall, ask and arrange for us for our trip back. Seriously, this kind of hospitality is hardly felt anymore. After arranging the transportation, we went inside the mall and jalan! Something interesting here is that there are security personnel that will check your bags before entering the premise. That is also one of the reasons why I feel safe inside a mall. More story of that later.
Our ride back
The Mall
They have MRT!
The horror journey starts when we arrived at Clark after 2 hours. Carrying 15kg on my shoulders is no joke. I thought I had packed light enough but apparently it is still not enough. We are so tight on budget and saving every penny that we can, we decided to walk from SM Clark mall (where the bus dropped us instead of the airport since it is much nearer) to our hotel. It took us about 30 – 40 minutes. Well, later the time was shorter (another story). I could not be any more relieved when I saw the Tune Hotels building when it came into sight.
This is how Tune Hotels works
My furry friends checked in as well
My spoils from a bookstore. Less than RM 25!
I shall leave the details of the stretch of road towards the hotel into a post. The horrible experience. Have never felt my life being so threatened and violated. 

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