Laziness hits home

Got home for 3 days already after my mini adventure but the first thing that strike me not doing anything. This is what I call real holiday. Even to online I’m already kinda lazy. So laziness is not that bad in this context. Just that I’ve got to do my FYP and blog about my Philippines trip.

It was definitely an experience that I could only get at that one time. There can’t be another experience like that. I still got a lot of flaws and character to fix. At least I’ve learnt not only one or two new things but multiple new gains.

Will try to get the Philippines trip up but no promises because I know I’m bad at keeping that and procrastination will arise. Too many things happened throughout the trip both the good, the bad, and the ugly.

One thing good about coming back is that I don’t have to think what to eat for dinner only. All I need to do is think of my day programs. Having 5 dogs in the house defintely kept and keeps me busy cleaning after them.

Oh I ddon’t want to face reality. No wonder so many people have post holiday syndrome. It is just that doing something we like is call enjoying whereas we see stress as something we want to escape.

Time to get productive tomorrow.

Philippines’ story to be continued…

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