Filling up the tummy!

Restaurant and home cooked food just for Day 1.
What a blessed day to start the trip with all expense by our host we just met on the plane and off the arrival hall. Keeping the full story for later. Just a few more days. We went to SM Clark mall for some drinks but ended up…
Some local delicacy rice. 

 Adobong Puso Rice if not mistaken. Has some vinegar and soy sauce with chucks of meat in it. Strictly NON halal. This serving was good enough for 2.

Roast Pork Leg / Lechon with vinegar + soy sauce to dip

Pork Satay


 They have caramel in between the layers. Too sweet for my taste buds.

Mashed potatoes

 This has a slightly different texture to it. Not those smooth velvety kind but has a little bit to it and it somehow tasted like having some herbal chicken flavour mixed with it. That’s what my taste buds told me.

In Malaysia we have diet coke and regular coke. Have you seen Coke Zero or Sprite Zero? Not a cheap meal for something light and our new hosts were very kind to treat us as some ‘welcoming party’.
Back to the house to continue with dinner.

Pau like with either salted egg or cheese
Coconut filling to eat with the pau
Chicken wings
Fried Chicken
Another local delicacy – Sisig. 

 Sisig is actually fried chopped pig’s head. Don’y worry, I don’t think there is any brain present in the dish.

Philippines style Lo mee
Frog in curry style

Frog is not commonly found as according to the host. He got it just about the day we arrived I guess if not it might be the day before. Blessed indeed.

Chicken Soup
Local sauce

My friend like this sauce so much that she have it throughout her meal.


Imagine all the food consumed in a day, more like less than 4 hours. Previous food haven’t finish digesting then new ones to fill up the stomach again. Can’t thank the host enough for providing such wonderful experience.

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