Curiosity does not always kills the cat

Who says curiosity kills the cat? Either I’m not curious enough or I’m not a cat because I’m still alive. 3 ‘I’m’ in a sentence

I am always curious about who is/are/was/were visiting my blog but then again I’m also an anonymous reader to other bloggers. So it is a fair trade. Sometimes I do think that I do not want to know who are my audience, that way I still can mumble jumble whatever and anyhow I like. Blogging is not looking for any side income but rather of sanity gain. My resolution is to talk less but did not mention type less… so I’m talking talking talking without opening my mouth. Well, one must not be suppressed for wanting to speak their mind. Silence might be golden but there could be a gazillion things going around in the head. That explains why sometimes  people talk to themselves. 

I have found the catch!

This morning by 8.30am I’ve checked, all the free seats are gone! Just overnight, before the sun can be seen, a few will be enjoying their cheap flights, even cheaper than taking the bus let alone have to fly across the sea. I was right when there was more than meets the eyes about their terms and conditions. Was trying to see how cheap the flights will be if getting a return flight. Look what I’ve discovered!
Return could have been RM15 
Lo and behold when I clicked ‘continue’
I then turned onto my detective mode and see if booking one way separately will have any difference. True enough to my hypothesis, I could get RM15 if booked separately. But even with the cheap price, the dates were already nearing the end of the designated traveling period. Plus, I did not have anyone to go with me. Don’t fancy traveling alone at the moment, unless going to Europe but still don’t like traveling alone with no one to share with. It is also a sign for me not to travel within this short period. No matter how much I love to travel, I need to save some cash! Running low on currency.
Need to make use of my holidays to get my FYP done. I’m always talking ’bout FYP but till now still no progress. 

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