My spoils for Christmas

Right. So Christmas was so last year that I only decided to post this now. Don’t we all love some old stories?… ok, I do ’cause I don’t really get 1st hand news. Antenna too short.
We all love the festive season or maybe just I do because it spells S-H-O-P-P-I-N-G! Window shopping and real shopping I take them both. It’s like a breather in between the piles of stress or so they say or so I say. 
Being a vain person as I am, stocking up in some beauty supplies is a must… New Year resolution that was not completed, more like phailed#1: have better skin (overall). 
Not that I’m putting on make up everyday but when I do of course I need some essential items.
Revlon Colorstay Cream Gel Eye Liner in Brown
1st ever gel eye liner.. Trying out the difference between pencil, liquid and gel. Either my application was incorrect or not enough, the colour was not bold enough. It was more like a cream eyeshadow for me after applying it. On the plus side, I like it being looking like an eyeshadow without it smudging and I can worry less of being a panda. The application was way smoother than the one brand I used before. The difference could be felt tremendously and I’m not exaggerating here. It was not some pasar malam cheap product if that’s what you were thinking. 
Revlon Photoready Color Correcting Primer 
There were 2 on the shelf but different functions according to what was stated. This is slightly pinkish in colour while the other was more on the beige side. Choices, not my favourite. So I just grab one and go since I’ve read and seen reviews that primer is good. The main point was to just get a primer. 
The application: dries up real fast. Definitely could not use it like applying moisturizer… I’m just doing it the way fits me best. Tried fingers and brush but I think dabbing it on the face first then even it out would be better and focus on the T-zone and cheek area (for my face)

That was my first half of presents for myself. Well technically anything that I buy for myself is a present.
Next really left me on the verge of bankruptcy. Almost half of my allowance was gone. But then again, … (can’t come out with any excuse)
Not so cheap stuff
They say women’s money are easy to earn. Well, kinda true for a vain person like me. 
1. Hada Labo Facial Cleaner
    a. AHA/BHA Face Wash
    b. Super Hydrocloric Acid Moisturizing Face Wash
2. The Face Shop Mask
    a. Real Nature Mask Mung Bean
    b. Real Nature Mask Aloe Vera
    c. Real Nature Mask Rice
3. Nature Republic Snail Therapy 10,000 Hydrogel Eye Patch
4. CANMAKE Eyeshadow Base
5. The Face Shop Oil-Free Control Cream
6. The Face Shop Real Nature Smoothie Mask Pack Strawberry
Let’s get it on one by one.
Hada Labo
This was something necessary as I’m running out of cleanser. But why 2? One is for the evening where my face tends to be oily at the end of the day and to have a more deep cleansing effect because if I’m not mistaken, AHA tends to peel a layer of skin off. So have to replenish the moisture back even more. The other is just as normal face wash after all my face is dehydrated. All thanks to my lack of water consumption. #2: drink enough water.
The Face Shop Masks! 
Got this trio mask since it was on sale. How could one resist sale when obviously they are still earning despite marking down the price. RM12 for 3 than the usual RM6.90 per sheet. Hydrating was and is the main focus here. The order advised by the shop assistant was mung bean (cleansing) -> rice (exfoliating) -> aloe vera (soothing/hydrating) all in a week!! Shall use it after I come back from my traveling trip. 3 in a week seems such a waste… I’m a vain Scrooge.
Snail Therapy Hydrogel Eye Patch
Everyday facing the laptop absorbing all the UV rays has taken a toil on my eyes! Late night chats comes together with the holidays is making me more like a panda. DARK EYE RINGS! Snail is the ‘it‘ thing now in beauty regime.  
CANMAKE Eyeshadow Base
Saw this in Asahi Sasaki’s youtube channel in her make up tutorial and found it in SASA! Have no idea why was I so happy when I saw it in SASA. Well, will be using this as an eye primer and see how it goes. 
The Face Shop Oil-Free Control Cream
Ran out of moisturizer and needed one to control my sebum especially during the day. Saw this, was on sale, what the heck, just grab it. Simple. It’s tea tree oil based which is good for oily skin. Texture also not bad and kinda like the fragrance of tea tree oil. Will see how well it goes for the price I pay.
Smoothie mask pack Strawberry
It looks like a strawberry jam and smells like one too. Not a big fan of strawberry but the function of this mask was hydrating. I only have to put up with the smell for only 10mins max and off it goes. The shortest time ever needed for a mask. Good for lazy people like me. I like it either by removing it fast or leaving it for a long long time. I’m such a fussy person that is hard to please.
All my newly bought skincare products are Korean. Should work for Asian skin and weather I guess. Support Asian products! Well, I just don’t have the capability of buying higher end products. So for now, work with the products I have and to finish them. #3: Stop buying unnecessary/unfinished stuff. 
New Year Resolution coming up next!

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