What a present

Presents… presentspresentsthe end of the year or the beginning of it is all about PRESENTS! 
For the new year, our house here did received a ‘wonderful’ present although it was last
from who? TM streamyx
This present was could not access to the internet. Now, it is not those normal days where the internet decides to go haywire. This time, it went bezonk (my own language)! Almost everything was RESET! Through the naked eye, it cannot be detected. Had to go in to the IP address and configure whatever was necessary. From wifi setting to the most fundamental setting up the whole internet. 
I for one am a person that must fix this internet problem no matter what! My encounters with the internet has been long crossed path. The whole fuss in the morning was just to get that password! But the question here is how did the internet get reset without any of us doing anything to it. 
I can’t live without internet when 
(i) I am dependent on it for 
(a) entertainment 
(b) studystuff information 
(ii) staying in a place where I’m surrounded by it (temptation)
I could live without the internet and I have done it before but not when I need it at my disposal for my assignments, finding more info to enhance my lecture notes, current info on campus stuff. If I’m back in the jungle without any need of knowing what is going on around then I wouldn’t mind at all. Just not now.
Clicking here and there, finding in forums how to fix the problem. Well, at least now my knowledge on the internet has expanded… New knowledge learnt the very second day of new year. Not bad for an optimist point of view.
Lovely present indeed…

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