Which one comes first?

If you’re being asked which one comes first, what is the sequence will you put from top to bottom – nationality, ethnicity, and place you came from?
This was a question asked by my lecturer during class since we’re learning ethnic conflict. 
So which is more important to you or which do you identify with the most?
Politics are part of our life no matter how much we wanna avoid or not talk about it. Everything and anything revolves around political decision even the very house that we live in. I was once someone who really does not want to care anything about politics, let alone to read and talk about it. I don’t even like to talk about politics. Don’t know, don’t care, don’t want to know. 
BUT, that all gotta change.
I still don’t like politics especially even more now. I have to learn and get acquainted with not only domestic political issues but world politics as well. So much for running away from it. But there’s no use sitting down and rant at how the government is like this or like that. Knowing the full story and from both sides will give a bigger picture and also the maybe make better judgement? Well I’m no expert in politics nor foreign affairs. I’m still learning and discover how the world functions. It is up to us to make a change if we want to see one. Do we continue to sit down and receive order while complaining at the back or do something constructive so that there’s no regrets of not doing anything? The choice is in our hands.
Studying what I’m studying now has definitely changed some of my view towards politics but I like to keep my options open and see what the world has got to offer. We have heard so many times over and over again, there’s no one decision that can please everybody. There is bound to have disagreement but it’s how we work it out for an ideal win-win situation isn’t it?
Do you know much of the political scene from where you come from? I know that I know nothing about Malaysia’s political scene. Everyone has something to say. I’m not saying that they are wrong. They have their point of view and they have the rights to have them. Humans are not robots but yet somehow…
So how would I answer the question above? I’m a Malaysian Chinese period. If there’s another option to answer it – I’m a citizen of the world.

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