Life and Death

We are born to where we are, the start of life for us. Every living thing will go through life which will end with death. As often as we see life, death is something everyone must face. I believe there is no such thing as immortality. We are all made up of flesh and blood. Do you know where will you be going after all of this?

When we think of death of an old person more than 70 years old give and take, it seems legit that at that age we sort of can accept the truth of a person’s passing at some point. However, if a person is less than of the given age or living less than half a decade, it seems as though that it is unfair that his or her life has come to a stop. Why do we see it differently as though as different age has different standards when it comes to death? Am I the only one thinking so? Am I being brought up with this kind of thinking? Is it just me?

Why do we perceive that life is a joyous thing, an occasion to celebrate whereas death is like all dark and gloomy? Death does not have to be that way. Yes, the feeling of sadness and losing of something precious is there but if we know that the person will be doing so much better than here on earth, do we still keep a sour, long papaya face instead of a smile on our faces knowing that the person is saved? Is it wrong to be glad?

Death is something that I’m not good with, even more so if it happens before my eyes literally. But that doesn’t mean I’ll be jumping for joy and rejoice. It does and will make me wonder more. What if the person have not heard or know or receive the good news? What will happen next? Heaven? Hell? Where do they go? Ignorant cannot save them then. Eternity… burning in hell for eternity…? This is the one place that I can’t get it. People burning for eternity! It doesn’t even sound pleasant at all. I’m not afraid of death but I can’t help myself to think about so many related.

At the time of exchanging of realms, I was still with my normal routine, duty and service. It may not be significant for you or me but at that hour it was no different if it was to happen at any other day. Death is like a thief in the night where no man will know the hour of occurrence to kill, steal and destroy.

It was as though as I saw this coming. I had prepared myself somehow for this day to come even though I was thinking will it be any of the day while I was there. Being pessimistic at times in preparing for the worst is somehow could become a solution.

If you believed, I’ll see you when my time comes.

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